Wife is exploded to hold by other武汉夜网论坛DLs, I feel an upsurge of emotion however (add 3P of photograph of wife sex appeal) [achieve a hair formerly]

Wife is exploded to hold by others, I feel an upsurge of emotion however (add 3P of photograph of wife sex appeal) [achieve a hair formerly] Edition advocate leave a messageAtsuki(2016-3-30 20:35) : Picture of illicit secret division needs to use graph bed form, revise ~ please The article narrates content to arrange in person according to wife and become, and innocently excessive composition. The person that oppugn asks the show mercy or forgiveness below the mouth, the article is a bit long, look patiently please, if feel the article is written well, publish your lubricity please comment on and nod assist wildly! The content that I can comment on you conveys coquettish wife to look, thank! This thing has happened actually quite long, think the record comes down all the time, regrettablly or does not have the mood, or does not have atmosphere, or does not have time. Spring arrived now, everythings on earth anabiosises, a lot of dusty pasts also can be in casual be swept past floating dust, show your brain. The ablution of years of all previous classics, not only did not send like old film yellow, mottled, instead experience is long cover is new, like asing if to happened yesterday. In these memory, what can arouse my passion at any time is wife is opposite personally experience of my nuncupative carry on a clandestine love affair. Often think of this matter, in my heart the ineffable excitement since agitate, let me have to wife conjugal love add. This is carry on a clandestine love affair of the first time after wife marriage, the wife before marriage has done not have a man, the principle that scrupulouslies abide by a woman also is after marrying, it is the武汉桑拿夜网RM thought that I begin to be infected with excessive wife, send irremediable. Total illusion can kiss to make love to wife and others soon, the face that imagines wife peaceful because of excitement two buccal bright red, airy wife breathes heavily in the charming below the sprint of others again and again, oneself private parts is met singularly is shameless, from now on the insularity love action that I had viewed piece the heroine in can be changed automatically the figure of wife, my criterion enjoys the sort of different feeling silently alone. Here has to say next my wife, she just is a story is absolutely female, height 160cm, weight is less than 100 jins, the waist is fine, the breast is strong, abdomen is even, the skin is like pearl to fair-skinned in vain glossily commonly, marry so old, figure as before. However, what do this calculate, can say none exaggeratively, sheet visits the appearance that is like Qing Chun by her, the lip of ruddy sex appeal, tender and clever eyes, and slender the beautiful leg that sends closely武汉夜盟 can divide the second that divide a second to take next any men. I that paragraph of time is accepted outerly be as long as the vocational training of half an year, live apart with wife two ground, chat quite more through QQ at ordinary times. I often send the network article of a few lubricity to look to wife, tease her, after she looks, also be be teased to rise by me, solve without method however, I often laugh of on the sly, for oneself mean behavior be pleased with oneself. Once, after wife looked the Huangwen that I send to her, say to me: I also should try carry on a clandestine love affair, what write in the article that reads the carry on a clandestine love affair on family net is much better, how the sort of sense is wonderful. After I hear she wants carry on a clandestine love affair, below already not self-conscious ground is firm. Feel embarrassed, run a bit inscribed. Cut subject now. This college fellow student that male is wife, ferial do not have too much be mixed, QQ just is passed after graduation now and then talk about a few. Scarcely of days old person can forget, acting when the university of wife, the wife when those likes this schoolboy stealthily. I had seen his picture, height has 175 centimeter about, the figure is well-balanced, and insist to take exercise, should saying is sunshine, health the sort of, plus handsome appearance, free from vulgarity bearing, the individual character of persist one’s old ways, get a girl quite people love. Those simple minded with the visible everywhere in this and life cling to hand in, men of small-town, dark even wretched are compared, contrast indeed intense, but this schoolboy had had a girlfriend during the university, wife also can hide such love in the heart only. Different city went after they graduate, exclusive connection has to do not have a ground to chatting through QQ now and then namely, all the time live in peace with each other. Until one day, that male hair word comes over to say the mood is bad, because wife is off the rails, two people divorced, twin child puts in him ‘s charge to bring up, that paragraph of period this male affection empty, pressure is very great also, chat on natural net much rise, then, this thing had be mixed with my wife slowly. Two people begin to chat, as it happens I also am not in that paragraph of time, they chat much rise, be tight-mouthed all the time to this thing wife nevertheless, never had divulged the least bit information to me. Nevertheless I discovered a few clues later, because wife bought lighter of a Zippo maly to that,that is, there are 3 wolves above the sort of, a strange combination of circumstances, lighter falls finally in my hand, I ever still was concealed because of what be wife and get angry very. Next, the development of the thing is having its natural law, some things if success will come when conditions are ripe, or equipment of all things all, owe east wind only, so no matter how you guard against, how kink, east wind can come after all. As emotive deep lukewarm, they met, although two cities photograph goes very far, boiling hormonal drive catchs fire hot wheel, make such vocabulary shows the remotest corners of the earth suddenly insignificant. Meeting for the first time is the parking lot below my wife office building, he did not say with wife beforehand, belong to appear suddenly. Wife comes off work gave unit entrance hall, he was greeted, scare wife not gently, fortunately in those days also colleague of idler of it doesn’t matter is eventful, wife got on his car. They moved round a little while in environs, stop in roadside, talked about meeting day, the atmosphere in the car when I estimate those also should be photograph place has an affair with. Although whats are done not have,happen this, but that man grabbed stealthily the hand of wife, wife moment tells me, that man wants that to kiss her, was rejected by her politely. But wife tells me later, the man pulls the instant of her hand, her feeling gets an electric shock general. Meet for the first time so went, among them detail how, I also cannot am informed. However, truly exciting thing is in 2 weeks subsequently inside happened. After meeting for the first time, that man plays wife to taking should have a well-thought-out plan. Very fast, they met the 2nd times. When man outpace came that day, just meet towards evening, feng Shenqiu farmer burns straw, smother of the billow on the road, visibility extreme difference, the SUV that he drives was not sure good to be apart from with the car, with small truck traces remaining part, bumper bumps before rotted, lay 110 calm blame, make be sure, the thing does already much at 10 o’clock in the evening. Contact with wife subsequently, say he arrived, had entered hotel, infer sees wife. So late, wife does not plan to go out originally, but the experience that hears he is so miserable, wife gives birth to commiserative heart suddenly, take a taxi subsequently went the guesthouse that he stays in. Guesthouse relies on a station closely, look very ordinary from appearance. According to wife description, that classmate was decided among them best business affairs room, the room is very big, go in to have resplendent and magnificent feeling, lamplight is downy and sweet, be in deep autumn the warmth that appears special in chill. The man is wearing a suit, thin thin shirt, after greeting wife, two people sit to there is one to build on sofa did not build the ground to talking about a few inessential words. And the thing appears truly the mark of a favourable turn is, the man asks wife is cold, wife says not bad, the man says you come to the side of me, I want to hold you in the arms. Wife stands up, those who go to him in front of. Indoor air begins to become ambiguous, the distance of two people begins to pull close, man stature is carried high, hale, with wife petite, effeminate figure contrast is sharp. The man lets wife stand on his tiptoe, he criterion from backside gently cuddle is worn wife, sniffing the scent of the beautiful hair of wife silently. The weight of wife is less than 100 jins, a bit on the instep that stands in him did not bring the least bit oppressive sense to him; Contrary, this action stimulated man heart medium desire fire. He is worn alternately raise pace, c武汉夜网论坛DRarrying wife goes toward bedside, and the wife when those already meaning random affection is confused, knew what to want the thing that produce next. The man goes at the same time, touch the hand of already disturbed cent before wife bosom at the same time. Wife is B cover cup of the standard, not quite not small, just capture single-handed. That man is lying between dress caress to wear the tit with already strong wife, resemble fiddling with the attrition like lute bowstring. The breast of wife is the place with her the most sensitive body, add this sweet room, the male support of the people that once liked is full of ambiguous atmosphere, how can she refuse again? Next occasion develops like the ground like the film, the man overturns wife go up in the bed, wife thinks him disrobe, the man does not let, the dress wife a ground pares, till with nothing left. Took off oneself dress next, dead deathtrap is pressed on the body of wife. Having those who nod a regret is, he did not lick wife below, however exert all over that pair of slender like fat breasts that skill is dallying with wife, the sorption in the mouth a tit, there still is another in the hand, use mouth sometimes abrupt half wife can breed high ground is sucked, next ” Bo ” loose, the breast that lets wife is fast spring back, relapse so, wife is done to get double buccal bright red, charming to breathe heavily by him again and again. Right now the man’s hand also does not have at a loose end, a hand touchs the breast of wife, another hand roams in the private parts of wife, wife is teased in him continuously under already Shuiman golden hill, do not break武汉桑拿夜网UJ through Cheng Jun. Here still has a paragraph of small episode, wife is teased by him when the ground is passional and rising, active side man was blown, just blew twice, discover a man and did not wash clean, let a man go then toilet was washed again. After the man has been washed, wife very ground of exert to one’s utmost is blown for him lick, do so that that man keeps giving out ” hey Yao ” groan. Very apparent, that man lives to the mouth of wife is quite satisfaction, because he asks wife: “Who are these teach you ah? Look not to come out, your appearance is so clear pure, the kongfu on the bed so Oh ah. ” wife laughs and not language, continue to help him cover managing fleshy club. Next thing, I want not to say you also can be guessed came out, time of that man first time is very short nevertheless, differ meeting with respect to capture gun, he was not worn set, in the small burrow that shot wife directly. After finishing for the first time, they go together toilet is washed, wrapping bath towel to lie on the bed. See time early still, the man is holding her in the arms to rest from backside, double closefisted handholds closely a pair of her breasts. In still be in the excitement that just finishs as a result of wife, two breasts strut, singularly is strong, right now a hand has received them very hard at general. They rested after 1 many hours, below the man’s flirtation, wife and he was done the 2nd times. It is a lot of better to compare first time this, before the man is compared strong, time also grew a lot of, wife also felt more intense pleasant sensation027武汉夜生活网. Their battlefield arrives from the flounder on the bed on sofa, transfer a desk again. Meantime changed several kinds of postures, those who include wife to like is male go up female next type, type is entered after also having what wife is overcome. Say according to wife later, the stature of that college fellow student is taller than me, but chicken cling to long without me, thick without me also, hardness also is not particularly hard, but all these is not important, important is: This is a relatively new man, stimulate particularly with his sex feeling so, every take the man insert, there is the feeling of very intense limp and numb in her vagina. The wife of ferial Li Xianshu had become a dinkum slut now, she overturns the man on the bed unexpectedly, on the body that excessive is laughing at to climb him, the meat of the high cock of man of uprear of a hand criterion is good, the shade road junction that aims oneself filled in to go in at a draught, the whole flesh club that becomes a man is gobbled up by the burrow of wife entirely, when the egg that connect an egg is masked by the Hei Senlin of wife, give out in the mouth of wife contented ” whistle whistles ” sound, the hip that is pressed on man body desperately twist rises, the man ases if got stimulate, both hands props up the tickle nest of wife up, be in wife wearing his body upper part, swing suddenly next abdomen up, fleshy club is inserted sock into the sweet acupuncture point of wife, next he loosens suddenly both hands, the body that invites wife suffers gravitational and natural straining, such word, fleshy club of the man is inserted more greatly, strong top was in on the beautiful heart of wife. Such a few, wife feels the vagina in a peristalsis, have the feeling that spring has emerged it seems that, accompanying acuteness systole of the vagina, wife fast climax! Wife may not want to end so quickly, she comes rapidly up and down from man body, rub one’s palm along smooth out with the fingers leaves touch the hair in him corners of the mouth, disregard that completely to relapse inside her body the cum that she has been stained with on the fleshy club of pass in and out, in the mouth that swallows fleshy club oneself readily, a lane leaves on wild land…Wife tells me, most those who make her unforgettable is: The man pulls her to bedside before be about to ejaculate, her ankle is in hale artifice close cinch, the double leg that opens her shows one glyph to put, the fragrant grass ground with blurred eyes, snow-white chest, plump wife is exposed before him without involuntary discharge of urine. Fleshy club of the man is ferocious in the ground, minor acupuncture point that is inserted in wife excessive water to run rampant deeply, pull out suddenly next come, insert again ferociously go in, relapse so, the pleasure of wife compares one blast intense, wife hair diffuse, double eye blurred, breath hurried, head keeps controlling switch, man also because at the moment this strong visual sense pounds the picture, accelerated the rate of sprint, wife says that man takes the rate that insert very fast, be a kind adv unimaginably, inenarrable fast. The monsveneris that man body bumps wife is given out ringing ” bang bang ” sound, companion allots as wife bewilderment condition those who go out is similar ” toot ” cry ululation, return be mingled with to wear what Ximengsai shakes generation ” Zhi ” sound, let a person as if Rome of place oneself Yugu is debauched inside palace. Wife is worked so that tear flowed, give out very big reputation making a bed, that male cover closely with closefisted the mouth of wife, the sound that lets wife is frowzily in throat, the private parts was accelerated take the rate that insert. Abrupt, wife double eye is ticked off continuously tick off the ground to staring at the ceiling, hip keeps twist, both hands hugs closely the man’s waist, because be covered by the man mouth, wife is given out long long, the wail that covers tightly frowzily, wife climax! The man sees shape twitched wildly a few times, it is dead deathtrap is pressed on the body of wife subsequently, sweating, keep panting. The seminal fluid of boiling hot criterion plentiful is worn wife that originally compact small burrow, wife after the event is recollected, aft

er she finishs, discovering him buttock seams li of certain corner with the sheet is water completely, and the mixture that excessive water and seminal fluid are all round small burrow, one ins disorder. Later, wife still came home, although have bit of evening, although I am not in the home. But it is unaccustomed that wife says to return with other man pass the night. Later, the man went farther city goes to work, established new family possibly also, contact no longer between them. This is when once I and wife make love, the course is teased ceaselessly, personally tells me, among them detail all is wife nuncupative. Hearing the story of wife carry on a clandestine love affair, I feel singularly is excited, that night I also particularly strong, 2 people made 1 many hour all the time, the private parts of wife also is current ceaseless. because of this, wife likes alone the feeling of carry on a clandestine love affair. Although this goes against feeling of husband and wife, since wife likes,can be, why to give her a credit more? If wait for us to often go, entered bier, going who finding out again is whose blame, does the meaning where? Say so: Much to each other dot is trustful, happy good! 3P of photograph of attach wife sex appeal3P of photograph of attach wife sex appeal This card is final by Frankfree at 2016-3-30 21:20 editors0 editorsGrading records this note recentlyAtsukiGold coin+ 100Those who hope to see brother again is wonderful post! 2016-3-30 20:32AtsukiFormer achieve+ 1Those who hope to see brother again is wonderful post! 2016-3-30 20:32AtsukiContribute+ 1Those who hope to see brother again is wonderful post! 2016-3-30 20:32


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