[exclusive illicit is close] that woman that once武汉夜论坛2018 made me enchanted

[exclusive illicit is close] that woman that once made me enchantedShared so much secret insensibly close, someone says those who write a novel to LZ is, which somebody is experienced so rich, each is Yy, I am not elenctic also, I want to say one individual experience is much. What oddity can be touched on, biedermeier. So I now what thing can calm answer. Here shares a story again. Good yearning. In those days I or Wang Laowu, with a ha breath out do not have diamond, a year of summer goes the city of old elder brother plays, business of old elder brother is busy, let his girlfriend receive me to take me 武汉夜网论坛DLto play first. Tell the truth to meet for the first time, I am small the little brother stands up directly beach pants is fortunately more corpulent. Since thenceforth dark love her, as a result my elder brother parted company with this girl later, and the deadlocked that be troubled by. The girl follows my complain tearfully on QQ, because liked to affect my judgement, my elder brother was scolded in the phone, blame my elder brother to be not cherished. His girlfriend lets come on QQ I here play, accompany her to come loose beguilement. I ta武汉品茶BFke her to go out to play every day, nevertheless I feel she is the woman of my elder brother, did not return definitely can compound, dare not jump over Lei Chi half pace. She comes via regular meeting later my city plays. Again later, my elder brother married. She also married. I also had been mixed, the belle beside gradually much rise, all sorts of admiring encounter ceaseless. She also fades out of my memory. Also a few days ago, my QQ has a new head to blink, it is her, she says she came, do not have my phone, be forced to leave a message to me, and took a telephone number. This evokes the memory that has me again. Answer a phone rapidly, she says not bad not late, weekday is about, namely tomorrow. I make an appointment with her to have a meal talk about the past. Send her to reply a public house next, chat in the room. Mention my elder brother, speak of me to scold my elder brother at that time, we laughed. Now a n experienced person, of the youth not clear to be being divided with him fault, more never mention it alien. Remove her a little this oneself play, she says her very not happy, because there is her at all in husband eye, do not wear every day, want to calculate at the outset do not follow your elder brother, with you unapt also resemble now such, still say at the out武汉夜生活论坛set she looks reach I like her, because my elder brother is advanced,be only, be afraid of bad to get along, she also did not change state of mind. This one word speaks my aspirations. Actually she is in my heart all the time which what should produce the sort of. Did not happen all the time regrettablly. By lays bare of this one language, in the heart be about to roll on igneous horse rise. Lending wine bravery so, hold her in arms, kiss her. She is slight revolt, greet my kiss, twist body… since be memory, I do not say what XXOO clue more. After preparing Chinese medicine by roasting it in a pan, she goes developing a bath, I shut eye repose, float reveals before in those days her form. A nymph, slender double leg, big dew back assembles small hot pants, long hair is elegant, in me ahead is leading a way, later one character laughs at a scene. Everybody thinks my little little brother stood up again certainly, ha, do not have, both neither is to connected battle to also do not do Ma Yongjiu now! Think consider i武汉夜盟s worn I was asleep. She bathes go to bed when sleep lightly me, look at her what go out of the bath, not be that girl in my memory any more. Calculated or come home sleep, af武汉夜生活网DFter all the wife that this is not me. Looked for an excuse to go. Come back

for a long time cannot calm, still be shared with everybody.


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