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By person pilot the person is how acedia 〖 achieve a hair 〗 formerlyBe in a day 17 years, the friend is abrupt incoming telegram, occupied go Xi’an, ask I can travel together of purpose, I assent willingly. Drive by turns all the way before row, reached a place, be informed this thing is not one day can do. I turned foolishly museum of military forces tomb figure. Arrived discovery did not bring identity document in the evening. Be forced to abandon guesthouse, a civilian constellation searched around. Saw next places be returned clean. Enter to money. Dull in house conveniently pulls open a drawer, discovery has a piece of card, I hit a phone to add small letter. Chatted a little while more, I conclude this is a normal Ma Fu. Conversation is systimatic. Also do not need prepaid money. I nodded to look at pleasing to the eye, the bosom compares old girl. That person is honester, my blurt out said, beautiful Yan Tai is heavy, he sends a future life to be illuminated alive directly. Probably left and right sides of a hour, the girl built a car to arrive, open the door into house. Quite courteous smiled to me first. Tell me next, before going out, bathed, can begin directly. I am stupefied, the feeling is a bit professional. Hold in the arms subsequently come over to turn over pressure go up. The girl says besides do not kiss the others is OK. Got half many hour again and again. Cooperate quite relatively. Resent exclusi武汉夜网论坛DRvely even if water is a bit little. Actually this is cross the stage, after coming to an end, I kneaded the pocket that leaves my, blurt out said, years callosity urges a visitor old, the girl that wearing the dress also received. Brook hi武汉剁饼子论坛ll waits for gentleman to return of purpose. I am stupefied at that time, have bit of meaning, I paid cash to the girl first. Talked about a few more, discover girl conversation has bit of level. Not be the sort of record of formal schooling is mixed child. Have bit of culture inside information. I think at that time, anyway dull also, I included a hour with respect to how. Let a girl knead meeting small of the back to me. Chatted with respect to conversation subsequently, help fine home go into business, save lose one’s footing to to disembark, this is the thing that the man loves to work most. Talked about humanitarian geography a little while, discover the girl still holds out pair of my way. Especially body ignores my income now, 2 pay no attention to my one’s purpose in coming. It is proper limits for speech or action having a place very. Next girl time arrived, rise say good-bye take money to go person. The 2nd day, the friend did not return tardy. I carry the hand took a mobile phone to include a girl night. The girl arrived very quickly, enter room, strip, I discover to there is stringy mark on girl body. Subsequently cuddle came over to ask. Discover the girl received a work of SM by day. I plainted, make money now not easy. Girl blurt out answers: Do not have method, to return money. Feel the girl has a story at that time, I am interested quite. Asked. The girl comes from a more backward small town, review from elementary school pretty good. After coming to Xi’an, it is incommensurate very, also not quite be gregarious. Idle give school gate noodle shop to be improved with respect to oneself. In the course of contacts, be familiar with with respect to the little chef of knead dough house went up. Very fast two people were moved one case, every day delighted. Very fast girl discovers, this Xiaoshi teacher is other do not love, love game alone. Often lose money in machine of the expert on the net. Even salary is a bit insufficient still oneself are defeated, use heart help sb to get over his worries, expect young master worker overtly agrees but covertly opposes. Carrying a girl on the back to play secretly, be less than half an year, be defeated big, lu small loan. Tear open east fill on the west, bag did not live, the phone urges a life same, the girl just knew to be defeated at that time a lot of, weigh the girl of ties of friendship quite, took him tuition, still use Id Lu the net is borrowed, that also did not withstand, patted later naked borrowed ability to return first phase quite, specific I am not very clear, had not contacted too much this thing. Probably later is world of武汉桑拿夜网 young master worker evaporate, him girl was carried on the back ten. Alone, look is not had close, dare not let more know in the home, even if know, also unlikelihood money. Urge fund next came. The girl has bit of accomplishment after all, know to make a scene may not is useful, with the family reasonable. One gave out idea. Spend the specified amount be carried on the back, the girl returns this one capital. At first the girl feels to encounter good person, who knows this to just calculate a tool when her. What to arrange to must go alive, you do not have the influence of counter-bid. Of Liu Bing also accompany, abnormal also receive. Because back money comes her, follow constituent interior personnel even from time to time ” communicate ” , say girl mood is lower more. My this mood also rose, ask a girl, otherwise wants to come forward, take what approach, you have what idea, the girl tells me later, my eye is red at that time, the fine hair on the human body on the face also scamper rose, the girl declines I, tell me or set his mind at to return money, disappear from the scene next. In the home there knowing is best result. The following day I wake moment girl had gone, I set my mind at to come down train of thought managed, not be here after all aboriginal, some things, I do not have law palm to accuse. The 3rd day, I came to girl dot again. The girl enters room I discover a girl not quite spirit. Of fade of fade having a place. I asked next reasons. The girl tells me, after going that day, accompanied a group of Liu Bing. Was gone to by sootiness, also by do sth over and over again terribl武汉夜盟DFYHe. It is normal to begin to return, next after above of this group of person, begin a bit mad, it is to disrelish girl B first sordid, press the girl inside fill 武汉夜网论坛HBbeer, it is next those who disrelish girl sound to cry became small, insufficient add to the fun, take butt to iron girl sole. The girl said not to play from the back, essential nobody listens, 2 male clip are worn girl, not soft not hard back and forth loiter 1 many hours. Still take the fruit in iced compote to go to fill in inside B. Rested afternoon, the girl comes again I this. The person holds out adamancy however, but mental head does not follow to go up a bit. Chatted a little while into house, touch the pillow to sleep. I see a girl do not hold to, so I throw money of pass the night the head of a bed, I also slept. Rise discover

the girl took 200 to go, small still letter leaves a message tell me the service not, do not accept complete set. I am recumbent the head of a bed thought a little while, this is archaism ” pilfer Yi Youdao ” ? The 4th day, the friend was answered, set foot on one’s way home, later still had chatted a few times with the girl, do not have too thorough, not be interview after all. The girl has guard to anybody now. A moment ago saw time again, girl already me cutout. Hope she can be restful extricate oneself. Grading records this note recentlyAdjoining LaowangGold coin+ 65Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2019-12-12 06:55Adjoining LaowangFormer achieve+ 1Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2019-12-12 06:55Adjoining LaowangContribute+ 1Wonderful article hopes good-bye brother blows hard2019-12-12 06:55


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