The China Disciplinary Commission: Severe check basic level cadre ” eat take card to want ” common people of bully and oppress

[Summary] the unhealthy tendency that basi长沙夜生活论坛c level exists and corrupt problem damage masses personal interest, erode do group of concerns, shake of the party be in office base, people detest. Central discipline appoint Huang Shuxian of minister of vice secretary, censorial ministry expresses, should emphasize solve the raw or cold food that produces beside basic level and masses to be pushed forcedly, eat take card to want, with civilian argue the 4 wind issue such as common people of benefit, bully and oppress, gravity investigates corrupt of small Guan Ju to wait for issue of basic level corruption. This is central discipline appoint the information that censorial ministry website releases 23 days. Huang Shuxian says, the unhealthy tendency that basic level exists and corrupt problem damage masses personal interest, erode do group of concerns, shake of the party be in office base, people detest. Want to fulfil the deploy of the centr

al 4 wind that happen beside masses about solving and corrupt problem stoutly, promote the work solid and orderly begin. Huang Shuxian says, central discipline appoint supervisory room of wind of party conduct politics will be assumed coordinate integratedly investigate masses beside the working duty of corrupt problem, with investigate the 4 wind problem that produces beside masses to rise as a whole, pay grass-roots unit all the time. Should investigate and deal with sb cadre of basic level Party member is collected in land gravely be on the move, 3 endowment allowance of management, benefit farming, help deficient up to relieve, low protect cure, old village transforms fund management to use the issue that waits for a respect to harm masses interest, and execute the law, superintend, the window industry such as public service and domain are violated compasses collect fees and control the outstanding problem such as red bag, shopping card. Huang Shuxian says, if discover basic le重庆夜品茶网vel Party committee, record appoint to 4 wind and corrupt problem take a laissez-faire attitude, perhaps press case do not sign up for, should ask gravely duty, anything but appeasement. Central discipline appoint the data of cloth of same the ruler of heaven shows censorial ministry website, to in March 2015, the whole nation already was investigated disobey problem of drive of 8 central regulations 82693 cases, 109047 people of cadre of processing Party member, give punish of discipline of party disipline politics 35456 people. Central discipline appoint censorial ministry reports exposure 13 times to 66 typical issues early or late, each province (area, city) discipline appoint censorial hall bureau is opposite 172 times 897 cases early or late typical issue reports exposure. Father during 51 end midday check public money to eat and drink Beijing of Xinhua News Agency on April 23 in the center of report discipline appoint censorial ministry holds aggrandizement 23 days to supervise hold discipline asks duty correct 4 wind deep videophone conference. Central discipline appoint Huang Shuxian of minister of vice secretary, censorial ministry emphasizes, 51, the holiday that carry midday is coming, various record be careful in one’s conduct is censorial mechanism should continue gaze at is specific problem, gr

avity investigates public money to eat and drink, public money travel, public money is bought give the action such as zhongzi section ceremony, issue the strong signal that corrects 4 wind ceaselessly. Huang Shuxian points out, since 8 central regulations come on stage, censorial mechanism strengthens various record be careful in one’s conduct 西安夜品茶网supervise hold discipline asks duty, 4 wind spread impetus gets keep within limits, drive wind of party conduct politics to improve. Must regain consciousness at the same time see, current 4 wind problem cultivates a root to be in, still stay in not dare level, far did not accomplish cannot, do not have more achieve do not think. Huang Shuxian emphasizes, want this year strict hold discipline is supervised, hold out discipline in front, to against the wind the problem that violate discipline fathers check sharp point, establish discipline truly rise, severe rise. Should increase ask duty strength, hold to one case double check, serious to appearing against the wind v武汉夜生活论坛iolates age issue or 4 wind problem is banned and incessant, want to find out direct responsibility not only, investigate leader duty even; Want to investigate duty of Par武汉夜品茶网ty committee main body not only, and should investigate record appoint supervisory responsibility. Should perfect further supervise and direct, bulletin, supervisory system, sufficient play masses is supervised and media controls function. Responsibility edits: Wu Defei


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