British part area defers 4 weeks of fact to use final level ” solution is sealed “

London of Xinhua News Agency on June 14 report (Jin Jing of reporter Zhang Jiawei) Johnson announces British premier 14 days late, in view of mutation new coronal virus is travelling quickly, england area will defer 4 weeks of “ solution that carry out final phase to seal ” measure. Johnson said on epidemic situation news briefing that day, poisonous individual plant of heart E重庆夜生活论坛r tower (the virus of B.1.617.2 mutation new coronal that India reports above all) be in British part area to travel quickly, in get the area with the most serious effect, relevant diagnose case load is in every week turn over times. According to the government the route chart that publishs before this, if situation of new coronal epidemic situation is stable, on June 21 will can carry out the 4th phase to relax measure, cancel the rest epidemic prevention to restrict measure. Dan Yaohan abdicate expresses, after governmental classics is evaluated, think s西安夜网论坛hould seal solution of this one “ ” date remit to on July 19, so that let people,have more time vaccination. In addition, the government will assess epidemic situation continuously, if 2 week hind think relevant risk already was reduced, carry out comp东莞夜品茶网rehensive “ solution to seal ” measure before July 19 likely. After although England area is comprehensive,“ solution seals ” date to delay, but the wedding that 30 people above can hold below the condition that regu西安夜网论坛lation of relevant epidemic prevention is observing after June 21, match of a few large sports and show also

are in be allowed. England area begins solution of “ of the 3rd phase to seal ” measure since May 17, upper limit of strength of will outdoors party raises 30 people, indoor party restricts a number to be 6 people or two families; Allow to include cinema, theater, museum inside establishment of indoor culture recreation is new and open, but must make good preventive measure; The indoor repast division that allows dining-room, bar and cafe to wait restores to do b长沙夜品茶网usiness; Hotel, civilian constellation recoverable do business. The data that British government releases 14 days shows, england adds case of new coronal diagnose newly that day 7742, accumulative total diagnose 4573419; Add dead case of illness newly 3, accumulative total dies 127907. Or

iginal title: British part area defers 4 weeks of fact to use final level ” solution is sealed “


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