All fronts of carry of the first nimble opens Malaysia kuala lumpur (circuit trend)

Kuala lumpur of ­   China News Service on July 17 report (reporter Zhao Shengyu) full-length the 51 kilometers, kuala lumpur that costs money of 21 billion horse the first nimble carries 17 days of all fronts debut. “ kuala lumpur calls nimble when Malaysia premier Najibu attends enlightened ceremony carry has world level ” . Carry of ­   kuala lumpur nimble shares 31 stations, the 7 stations that are located in kuala lumpur downtown among them are subterranean statio

n, other 24 stations are to wear a station high. ­   last year Decemb重庆夜网论坛er, carry of the 武汉夜网论坛first nimble opens kuala lumpur a level service (wool glutinous reachs Shuang Xi person) of graceful red station, 17 days of 东莞夜品茶网the 2nd phase serves (person graceful red comes the station that add a picture) after formal operation, the first nimble carries all fronts debuts. Traffic of orbit of the kuala lumpur before this has ­   only the train, dynamoelectric train, one-track train and light rail train (LRT) , without the subway or nimble carry. All fronts that carries as the first nimble moves, indicating equestrian country is public transportation the system enters new page. The “ big kuala l

umpur that ­   kuala lumpur nimb长沙夜生活论坛le carrie长沙夜生活论坛s the project is Malaysia government was rolled out 2010 plans one of main projects of ” , in order to cooperate plan of its economy transition. This project starred building in November 2011.


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